TDF Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant with TDF (Two Days Fue) technique is a type of technology used in hair transplant. The striking difference in this method is that it can give very good results in people with a very high rate of hair loss, in particular.

In TDF method, hair transplant is performed in two successive days to those who have a high rate of hair loss.

While it requires 8 to 12 months in other techniques to cover the bald area for patients who require more than one session, this period is considerably shorter in TDF hair transplantation. TDF hair transplant is highly preferred in people who has large bald areas in the forehead, back and top. It is a highly successful and effective method for people who do not have for hair transplantation or who need to return to daily life immediately after hair transplant.

While the doctors can harvest about 4200 grafts per day in other hair transplant techniques, they can harvest about 3000 grafts per day in the TDF method, and therefore, harvest about 6000 to 6500 grafts in two days.

Who Should Prefer TDF Hair Transplant?

Anyone who has a large balding area or hair loss in a small area may prefer to have hair transplant with TDF technique, regardless of gender.