Lip Aesthetics (Lip Enhancement)

Lip aesthetics is designed according to the type of face, whether wide or narrow, so that the lip aligns with the other facial features.

Aesthetic defects, both congenital and as a result of accidents and traumas, are removed with this surgery.

Sometimes the patient does not have any defect on her lips, but wants to have an operation only for cosmetic concerns.

The main purpose of this lip enhancement operation is to plan and implement the best design that will ensure patient’s satisfaction.

Which Techniques are Used in Lip Enhancement?

Several techniques can be performed on the request of the patient.

  • Lip enhancement using filler
  • Lip enhancement with lip lift
  • Lip enhancement with incisions inside the mouth
  • Lip enhancement with incisions around the lip

Lip enhancement using filler

This procedure is performed by hyaluronic acid fillers injected to your lips.  The effects typically last around 9 – 12 months and should be repeated.