Hair Treatments

Men and women may have hair loss due to stress or genetic reasons.

In order to solve the problem of hair loss, we need an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the problem. An accurate evaluation will be provided with a detailed hair check-up consisting of hair and scalp examination performed by a specialist doctor, and laboratory data.

The specialist physician should decide on the hair treatment method that is suitable for the patient.

Medical Hair Treatments

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment that use injections of vitamins, amino acids and minerals necessary for hair.

Hair mesotherapy can be performed on male and female patients who have dull and lifeless hair, who complain of hair loss, and who have thinning hair.

Applied by combining different methods specific to the person, hair mesotherapy not only treats hair loss, but also increases the chance of achieving the desired result.

The procedure is a session of 20 to 40 minutes once a week, and it is a 10-session treatment applied as a cure.

Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cells are responsible for regenerating dead cells and repairing damaged tissues. That is why stem cells are used in many treatments.

Stem cell treatment consists of two stages in hair transplant. First, small pieces of tissue are taken from the patient and sent to the lab to be replicated. It is possible to produce millions of other cells from these stem cells within 3 weeks. The second stage is injecting the produced cells into the scalp.

Hair Regeneration Therapy Using Stem Cell can be applied to anyone who wants to have healthier hair. It is important that the hair is not completely shed. This is a method that is often recommended for people who have problems such as hair shedding, thinning and weakening of hair, and who think that their hair has lost its shine. Stem cell applications provide much healthier results in hair transplantation procedures.

Hair Laser

Hair laser, which is a new method, is a hair treatment method applied to thicken the thinning hair, stop hair loss and help hair regeneration.

An easy and comfortable application, laser hair treatment helps you to get brighter, denser and more vibrant hair by repairing your hair that has weakened over the years and protecting the health of your hair.