Fat Injection

This is the procedure of injecting the fat harvested from the patient into a part of her/his body for aesthetic purposes after several filtration processes.

Does Fat Injection Provide Permanent Fullness?

Fat injection provides permanent fullness. There are two main factors that affect permanence. The first factor is that the more immobile that part of the body where the fat will be transferred, the more permanent fat injection will be. The second factor is the quality of the equipment for fat transfer and the competence of the clinic where the procedure will take place. The more the fat cells survive during the transfer, the longer the permanence will be.

Where Can It Be Applied?

Removal of adipose tissue is usually performed in the abdomen. After the filtration processes, it can be applied to larger regions such as the breasts or buttocks, as well as the face.

Thanks to the application on the face, it generates a youthful, radiant look. Wrinkles are removed. It is applied to the lip area to provide fullness and radiance. It can also be used on cheekbones and mid-face contouring.

Fat injection to the hip or buttocks can be applied in very large volumes to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance.

Fat injection into the breast can give very good results when applied in small amounts.  Again, the fat harvested from the abdomen with special cannulas is used to shape the breast after the filtration process.