Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrows are the key feature that makes your face stand out. They are significant in providing the ideal size and expression to the face. Even if there are some solutions through various cosmetic applications for those who are disappointed with their eyebrows because of sparseness, face burns, accidents, deformities and diseases, the best method for a permanent solution is eyebrow transplant. Although it is thought that it is mostly women who have eyebrow transplantation, it is also preferred as a very common and very pleasing application among men.

How Eyebrow Transplant Works

Eyebrow transplant is also performed with the FUE or DHI technique. Firstly, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, as in hair transplant, and they are kept in a special solution to prevent any loss. The follicles are implanted in the eyebrow area in line with the angle and shape determined. Eyebrow transplant is best method for people who want a permanent and natural appearance of their eyebrows.

Points To Consider After The Eyebrow Transplantation.

There may be some redness and crusting in the area after the eyebrow transplant.  One of the most important points to consider is not to pick at the scabs. Do not wash with water on the first day and protect your eyebrows against any blows. The eyebrows that grow after the transplantation may be thin, but thicker and natural eyebrows will grow over time. It may take up to 3 months for the eyebrow to reach its full shape after transplantation. You will have the appearance you were wishing for within 8 months.

The eyebrow transplant is usually completed in a single session. However, if the patient prefers to have denser eyebrows or if the transplanted eyebrows are damaged, then a second eyebrow transplant will be performed one year later.  There is no harm for having a second eyebrow transplant.