Prominent Ear

Prominent ear is caused by the fact that the angle between the ear and the head is bigger than usual. This means that the angle is bigger, not the size of the ear.

Today, prominent ear is one of the problems affecting the aesthetic and psychosocial development of many people. While women can hide this problem, we cannot say the same for men.

Mostly children are affected from prominent ear psychologically.
If the surgical examination findings are appropriate, children can have this operation starting from the age of 6-7 years.

Who Can Have Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty)?

Anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of the ear can have otoplasty surgery. Especially in children, it will be more beneficial for the child to have this operation before starting school in terms of physical and psychological development.

How to Perform Ear Surgery? How is the Recovery Period?

Prominent ear surgery is usually performed in 2 ways. The first is prominent ear surgery with thread and the other is surgical pulling of cartilage with classical technique. There are groups of patients used in these two techniques. After the preliminary examination of these patient groups, it is determined which technique will be used for the patient.

The technique to be applied in ear surgeries is determined according to the patient’s examination findings. We usually perform our ear surgeries with two techniques. If your ear and cartilage structure is suitable for thread technique, we use thread technique. Our criterion for thread technique is that your cartilage structure should be soft and your ear angle should not be too much. If you are suitable for thread technique, we perform your surgery, one day you will use a headband, the next day we’ll take off your headband, you can go home, take your shower, and you can continue your social life. After surgery, there may be swelling and redness lasting 5-7 years. The final shape will be formed in 4-5 weeks.

If you are not suitable for this, we use Mezdeği Çapa technique. Your cartilage is shaped by using an incision of 1-1.5 cm behind the ear, the inner lines of the ear are formed, your ears are shaped in accordance with your facial symmetry, and you will not have any problems with the scar since the 1-1.5 cm incision we have opened is aesthetically sutured. You will use headband and medical dressing for 2 days, then you can take your shower and continue your social life. After removing the headband, you do not need to have medical dressing in both techniques. There is no need to use the headband in your social life, we just want you to use it when you sleep (14 days). The final shape of the ears will be formed in 4-5 weeks. For lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is not. Especially 5 years for children is the recommended time for this procedure.

After otoplasty, there will be no scars.