Breast Asymmetry Correction

This surgery is performed when the breasts have different sizes or shapes. Women who experience such problems may have low self-esteem and psychological problems.

Asymmetry in the breasts not only causes psychological problems, but it can be hard to find a comfortable bra and clothes.

Breast asymmetry can be congenital or there may be breast asymmetry later on in life.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are among the primary factors that may cause breast asymmetry. Thanks to breast surgeries, it is possible to get rid of all these problems.

How Breast Asymmetry Correction Works?

Breast asymmetry correction surgery takes 2 to 3 hours and is performed in the operating room.  All other breast surgery techniques are also used in this surgery.

Fat injection or silicone is used to correct the asymmetry between the breasts.

Another technique is to reduce the larger breast to the shape of the other breast.

Points to Consider Before the Surgery

The doctor needs to know before the breast asymmetry correction whether the patient will want to breastfeed or not. This plays an important role in determining the technique of the surgery.

You need to stop smoking at least 15 days before the surgery, in order to ensure that wounds heal fast. If you have any prescribed medicine that you have to take, please inform the doctor before the surgery.

You have to get a mammogram or a breast ultrasound before the operation. The breasts should be examined thoroughly to find out if there is any health problem.

Post-Surgery and Recovery Period

You need to use bandages and corset during the recovery period in order to accelerate the healing process and preserve the position of the breast implants, if you have any.  Excessive movement and exercises should be avoided for a month. You can return to normal working life after one week. Physical contact with the breasts should be avoided after surgery.

There may be an infection if there are red rashes or excessive warmth on the breasts. In such a case, please contact our clinic immediately.